Client Testimonials

As all good professionals should, Sandy asked me to provide her with opinions on our recent experience working with her on our purchase of the subject property. She needn't have since we would have done so without prompting such was the great service she provided and our wish to compliment and thank her.

We contacted Sandy on the web and from that point forward she provided an exemplary level of service. From the first telephone inquiry through to letting us know we had closed, Sandy was always on top of everything - it seemed like she anticipated each of my calls!

Sandy took time to understand our expressed needs and desires. She then successfully worked with these while sensitively exploring other options both up and down in price so as to be sure we didn't overlook reasonable alternatives. The property we bought, was not on our list of candidates but one to which Sandy introduced us.

At no time did Sandy attempt to upsell or oversell us. Sandy loves Big Sky and her primary concern was that we will also enjoy Big Sky and she knows that the first step is ensuring buyers have a positive buying experience.

Buying and selling real estate is tough and emotional at the best of times and when you are 2500 miles away you need to trust your agent. Sandy quickly gained our trust and we would recommend her to anyone looking for that reassuring level of trust.

When you buy a property and can say that it was a pleasurable experience then you know you have been working with a first class realtor. That's Sandy; professional, personable, confident and caring.

I don't see Sandy as a realtor any more, I see her as a friend. Thanks Sandy.
- Ian Cartwright and Lesley Alderton

We can't imagine a real estate agent with more personality and ability. You always made us feel like we were your only client. And being slightly OCD, we loved your attention to detail!I don't know how you juggle all of the pieces without anything falling and smashing to bits. You are truly gifted in your work and we were so incredibly blessed to have had you guide us through this real estate adventure. You really did an amazing job at taking care of us, especially with us being so far away.
- Mike and Kate Cycyota

Our 3-year search is finally over

Dear Sandy,

Our 3-year search is finally over, and you have found us our dream home in beautiful Big Sky country . Janina and I are delighted, and we wanted to express our gratitude for your incredible patience and professionalism throughout this seemingly endless quest.

It is very clear to us you understood our needs and desires from the first time we met . We poured over listings , we had countless viewings, and asked question after question . And you were always there, by our side, sharing your in-depth knowledge of the markets, advising us along the way, providing us with information and researching information that would supplement our needs and curiosity.

Buying property from afar, spending only a brief week in the summer to actually see the homes was no easy feat, for you or for us . Your Flip videos (especially the one starring your mom and your dog Hawkeye :) provided us with delightful , invaluable information, and gave us a perspective on properties we would have otherwise never have experienced .

We laughed, we prayed (you know which listing we are talking about) we learned, but more than anything , we truly enjoyed the whole process . And that, Sandy, we have to thank you for. You not only found us a home, you sold us on a whole lifestyle and really sold the Big Sky concept to us. We have met some wonderful people thanks to you, and we enjoyed meeting and sharing with your beautiful family. You also referred us to some outstanding professionals that assisted us in a flawless transaction from thousands of miles away . The peace of mind you created for us has no value and we truly thank you for making this happen.

We often talk about Big Sky , we talk about our new home, but more than anything, we brag to our friends about our Broker / Realtor / friend, Sandy Revisky . You are THE benchmark against which everyone else will be measured .

Sincerely Yours,
- Alexander and Janina Meyer

We’ve been taking our family skiing to Big Sky for many years. I also love fly fishing and hunting in MT. That passion, and the fact that we’ll be ‘Empty Nesters’ soon led us to the decision that we wanted to start looking for a place that satisfied two needs; 1) A place that we (Stacey and I) can use as we have more free time to enjoy our passions = enjoying the outdoors. 2) Provide a destination point, somewhat centralized, that our kids and extended family will be drawn to in the future. Montana was our clear choice.

Before going skiing at Big Sky in 2009, I started scouting real estate options via the web and stumbled upon Sandy’s website. We started corresponding via email countless times and while in MT skiing, she’s taken us to see condo’s, townhouses, bare land and houses. One afternoon she took us on ‘skype’ showing where we were sitting in our kitchen and she drove around showing us 4 different places via her cell phone Skype program! In November 2011, Stacey and I needed to get away so we decided to combine an R&R long weekend with a Big Sky real estate visit. On one Monday Sandy brought us to 16 different places! It was grueling but productive. We ended up going back to MN and calling Sandy and putting an offer on a condo. 5 weeks and many counter offers later, Dec 15th, we picked up the keys to our new condo.

Stacey and I have bought/sold many properties. Sandy is hands down the best realtor we’ve ever worked with. The distance (1,000 miles) was a non-issue. Sandy is a fierce negotiator, specializing in data driven negotiations. Cost per sq ft analysis, location variables, inventory factors ~ all considerations she’ll present the sellers. She in an expert in properties from Bozeman to West Yellowstone. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the country! I was most impressed with her understanding of the concerns of vacation property owners; absentee ownership, property maintenance, cleaning, shoveling, mowing, etc. All this to say – I have no concerns, whatsoever, in recommending Sandy.
- Eric and Stacey Roberts

You've done it again!

Well, you've done it again. I don't know how you do it, but in a market that favored structures, you sold the only piece of land that changed hands in our neighborhood this season. We can't thank you enough.

I hate to admit this, but we talk to you so often (either myself or JD)that I feel like you are a family member. You never seem to be too busy to talk with us and I still can't figure out how you remember to keep us updated on such a regular basis. We deal with Realtors here in Napa, California and it's like pulling teeth to get them to return calls. Not only that, we feel like we need to keep a calendar during closing just to make sure things fall into place in the correct order. Not so with you. Sales and purchases happen so seamlessly, we've gotten spoiled.

You are what our family calls a "full service" partner with us on our investments. You always have your eye out for what you know we might want, are quick to send us updated information, give us expert knowledgeable advice, sprint through paperwork, and even make securing financing a one-call proposition. You are amazing.

What I appreciate almost as much as your energy and expertise is your uncanny ability to know exactly what is happening in the Big Sky market. You know everyone and everything that is for sale and you know it from a pragmatic point of view. The advice you give about pricing, when to sell, when to hang on, and how the market is moving is clear, positive, and always right on target. We trust you explicitly. We love having you on our side! What a lucky "stumbling on" of you it was that muddy May when we first looked at Big Sky.

Thank you again.
- Barb Pahre

To Whom It May Concern:

Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of the closing on the purchase of our home in the Big Sky Meadow Area. My wife, Linda, and I are enjoying a week of spring skiing and talking about how easy the transition to owning a second home has been for us. The main reason for the ease of this transition has been the help and support of our real estate agent, Sandy Revisky of PureWest Properties in Big Sky. Sandy was not the first real estate agent that we talked to, but she was the first one that showed a real interest in us and our search. We communicated numerous times prior to our “buying trip” and when we arrived, Sandy was ready for us. We visited many properties, both homes and condos, all of which matched our expressed needs in some fashion. There was no wasted time.
Once we narrowed our search, Sandy helped us manage the offer and negotiation phases with ease. Her knowledge of the area and local resources is superb. She was essential in helping us maneuver inspections, minor repairs, contract contingencies, financing sources, utilities, closing, pet sitting services, storage of our ski equipment………….on and on…….anything that we needed. On the few occasions that Sandy was not available, the PureWest office team handled every request or need.
In the year since we became homeowners in Big Sky, Sandy and her family have become our friends. She has invited us to local events, making us feel a part of the community and helping us to meet new people.
We would recommend Sandy Revisky and PureWest Properties to anyone looking for a home in the Big Sky area.

- Jack and Linda

I am not generally a person that has a lot of faith in any type of sales person. My outlook has changed tremendously after my wife and I completed a real estate transaction with Sandy. With Sandy; "what you see is what you get." She is a genuine and hard working woman that is not just content on selling you just "anything"; she listens and understands completely what you're looking for. With her expertise and professionalism we found and purchased a place within two days! Not too bad for our first visit to Big Sky and being 1000 miles away.

I was also impressed with Sandy's drive to further educate herself in her field. She is a go getter and is very quick to return your phone calls and e-mails as well.

It is with my highest recommendation that you choose Sandy Revisky for all your real estate transactions; there is no other!
- Margie Piercy & Guy Smith

From our very first contact with Sandy, she did everything right. As an out of town buyer we were not very familiar with the Big Sky area, and Sandy's extensive brokerage experience in Big Sky coupled with her knowledge of the area proved invaluable. She was always available and willing to walk through lots of different ways of sizing up the opportunities in Big Sky. Following our initial contact with Sandy by email and then phone, she provided a wealth of information through mail and email to help us get comfortable with the area. Her ability to help us through the thought process around purchasing without making us feel like we were being pushed to an answer showed a great ability to provide information while understanding our perspective.

When we visited Big Sky, Sandy planned out a great weekend - making sure that we saw a wide range of properties and houses to get a great feel for the location and community. Additionally, she continually showed her flexibility as we scheduled showings around kids' naps and other activities we hoped to enjoy while in Big Sky. All around we had a fantastic experience thanks to Sandy's hard work and in the process found the ideal property to build our mountain home. Thanks again for all your help and guidance in our purchasing process!
- Pete and Stephanie Clemson

My wife and I first met Sandy around 2003. She was in the Summit 2nd floor foyer at a realtor’s kiosk and we were staying there for a weekend. Just for fun we asked her to show us what was available. We told her we were interested but we could not afford to buy at that time. She stated some clients look for years before buying. Well she was correct; we stayed in contact for 5 years before we finally bought.

Months would pass and I would not even be thinking about property at Big Sky, then I’d get this email from her about a deal she thought was a good one. She always kept us informed even though I told her it was not the right time to buy. My wife and I would go to Big Sky with our 4 children and always dream of owning a place. Obviously, the kids thought it was a great idea, too.

When the right time finally came, we had many choices; ski-in-ski-out, condos that require shuttling, a home on the mountain or a home in the Meadows. I definitely wanted ski-in-ski-out. The cost of some of those units for the size of our family made alternatives more attractive. Nevertheless, Sandy found ample “great deals” due to her connections in the area that would meet our needs. We looked at many units when we started in earnest and decided that a home in the Meadows was perfect for us. Not what I expected but I’m thoroughly pleased by where we ended up buying. The home is much bigger (sleeps 14 instead of 6-8 on the mountain) and has great rental income.

After we decided that home is what we wanted, Sandy really went to work for us. It had been so long since I purchased a home I forgot how much there is to do. She was constantly in touch with us, appraisers, the seller’s realtor, etc getting the sale through to our satisfaction. She would call me or fax something over to me when I needed it immediately even if she were at a social event on a weekend. She demanded the same from people she worked with. We are extremely grateful to all the hard work she put in to make our transaction go well. If it were not for an unavoidable conflict in her life, she would have even been at the closing.

In closing, my wife and I feel very strongly that Sandy is a genuine hard worker who takes care of her clients extremely well. On top of that she is professional, warm, nice, and very connected to the various people who can make a real estate transaction go well. We highly recommend Sandy Revisky to anyone looking for a real estate transaction in her area she represents.
- Rich and Amy Sellman

Whenever anyone will listen, I have extolled your virtues as the best real estate sales person that I have ever had.

Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for your services in selling my home in Big Sky. Your efforts were instrumental in effecting the sale of my house by taking advantage of the market niches that were improving the most. I have bought and sold many properties over the years and I can truthfully say that you have been the best real estate agent that I have encountered in all of those previous transactions.

I most appreciated the "take charge" attitude you displayed in marketing the house. Most importantly, you were able to identify the potential market niche that best fit my house and you then coordinated all the entities and people to get the house in shape to attract that market niche. I was amazed, that in the first 2 weeks after completing the "staging", we had 3 very interested candidate Buyers. One of those three candidates ended up as the new owner of the house.

Whenever anyone will listen, I have extolled your virtues as the best real estate sales person that I have ever had. I would be honored to be a reference to any of your prospective clients; they can call me anytime.

Again, Sandy, thank you for your tremendous service.
- Bill Olson

We are happy to give you our recommendation!

Dear Sandy,

Scott and I cannot thank you enough for your professional, thorough, warm and exceedingly helpful service, before, during and even after our recent purchase of our Cowboy Heaven home. (Boy, that’s a mouthful, but all so very true!)

Scott was grateful for your many efforts in the year proceeding the sale in forwarding to him information on properties of value and interest. That ongoing effort was essential in getting us up to speed on the market - the key factor in our ability to act quickly when the right opportunity came along. Your knowledge of the Big Sky market and always-quick responses were invaluable and so appreciated.

The quick thinking and dedicated “pursuit of the deal” that you and your colleagues showed during the actual negotiations to get us under contract were also appreciated. It took some
doing to get that listing out of the foreclosure, and we are very aware that had you, Branif
and Ania not worked incredibly well as a team, and gone the extra mile, we would not have this lovely home and investment.

Lastly, thanks are also due for the many recommendations on handymen, property managers, inspectors and the like that enabled us to get this house operational for our family. Knowing that I can always call you, even now, for local information and insider tips is a wonderful resource as we begin to explore Big Sky, Bozeman, and other areas beyond the mountain.

Please feel free to share our experience and these sentiments with others who might be considering your services. We are happy to give you our recommendation!
- Jenn and Scott Gwilliam

I am an attorney and an investor in real estate. I switched to Sandy Revisky as my Realtor to facilitate a short sale of a high-end property that had been on the market for over 3 years with a different Realtor. Sandy took personal care to see that I was advised of all showings. She communicated with the banks and coordinated a deal that could not have occurred without her exceptional skills and knowledge. She was easy to access, provided timely responses and made a tough situation manageable. With her as my Realtor, I felt I had an advocate working for me. She marketed the property to obtain a buyer quicker than I imagined and worked diligently to finalize the sale.

There are many Realtors. However, there are few people with Sandy's passion for real estate, knowledge, and drive. I highly recommend her if you are considering purchasing or selling real estate. She will not let you down.
- Joel Kent

Every step of the process worked well

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your expertise and hard work in helping us purchase a condominium at Big Sky. The purchase went quickly and each of the little “crises” that can happen in a far away purchase were handled expeditiously and smoothly.

Every step of the process worked well:
Your web site allowed us to quickly understand what was available and allowed us to focus on our areas of interest.
You arranged your schedule to fit our two day trip to look at properties and you gave us a complete overview of different condo locations and quickly focused on what we liked.
You provided us with detailed sales histories and prices that made us comfortable with our opening purchase price offer.
You were invaluable as we reviewed counter offers and suggestions for sharing rental income as part of the purchase price. You were very open to our suggestions and always enhanced them and presented them effectively to the seller.
After we reached agreement on purchase price, you helped us navigate through the issues of bankers (condo mortgages are different!), home inspectors, title companies and a change in closing date suggested by the seller.
And, you were at closing as our daughter signed the documents for us under a Power of Attorney.

We have purchased and sold many homes but this condo purchase was the most complicated and difficult of all. It was done mainly on the phone and we learned that condo issues are much more complicated than home purchase issues. You made a very difficult process easy and we were able to close in 57 days!! It would not have happened without your expertise and persistence.

If you ever need a reference, please call upon us. We would be happy to relay our experience to others.

Again, thank you.
- Nancy and Doug Schrank

Sandy is a real pro

Colette and I wholeheartedly would like to offer our praise and gratitude to Sandy for assisting us with the purchase of our property at Big Sky. From the moment we were first in contact, she was and has been amazingly responsive! From negotiating the sale, to explaing the real estate climate, to explaining the best places to shop and eat, Sandy was always cheerfully eager to help. In the words of one of her lending colleagues "She is a real Pro."
- Tom and Colette Strizich

Sandy has all of the skills we want in an agent

We recently sold 54 acres in Big Sky using Sandy Revisky as our listing real estate agent. She is the best agent we have ever worked with. She is on top of the real estate scene in Big Sky and her utilization of the internet to advertize the property was outstanding.

When offers came in Sandy gave us excellent advice about strategy and how to respond. Finally, she guided us through the closing process to minimize our hassle level.

Sandy will be the Real Estate Agent that we use in any future transactions. She has all of the skills we want in an agent.
- Mark Sheiko and Marian Kummer

We can recommend Sandy Revisky without any reservation.

We had the pleasure of having Ms. Sandy Revisky as our real estate agent when we decided to look for a special place in Big Sky, Montana. As we live in Florida and our trips to Montana were primary our skiing vacations, we were hoping to have a well-organized and knowledgeable agent who can show us a specific type of property that we had in mind in a short period of time. Sandy was everything that we could hope for. She arrived prepared and with a smile. We were able to see quite a few properties in only one day and Sandy had all the information that we wanted. She was very informative, pleasant and at no time did we felt that we are pushed into making a decision prematurely.

We ended up buying one of the properties that she showed us. Sandy completed the paperwork that was needed in our absence precisely and on time.

It is true that she has “an "easy job"” as she is presenting the properties in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, but she definitely made our property search and purchase easy as well. We feel that now we do not just own a small piece of Montana but have also a one more friend there.

We can recommend Sandy Revisky without any reservation.
- Vel and Ann Micovic

We are thrilled about our real estate investment, and truly, you made it happen

Morgan and I wanted to thank you for your outstanding advice and services during the recent purchase of our Big Sky property. We are thrilled about our real estate investment, and truly, you made it happen.

Do you remember that we picked you out of a brochure because of your picture? You had the look of someone that we could trust. When we finally met you for the first time we knew we were right.

Thank you for patiently taking us to so may properties and helpfully discussing the pros and cons of Meadow vs. Mountain vs. slopeside. We appreciated your helping us discern our purchase price comfort zone. We loved your helpful emails and the yearlong patient process of occasional communication and sporadic visits.

Finally, thank you for helping us think outside our box and offering us properties that we wouldn't have considered otherwise, because that is what we ended up with. We couldn't be happier with our new townhouse and with our Big Sky Realtor. We would highly recommend you to anyone considering purchasing in the Big Sky area. Your professionalism, knowledge, warmth and humor were a blessing to us during an exciting and stressful time.
- Mindy and Morgan Leach

Sandy is terrific! With a great deal of perseverance and a willingness to listen to what we wanted, Sandy found the perfect place for us. She's knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional.
- Ron and Nancy Kurz

I look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.

I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you," for all of your hard work, patience and professional expertise that enabled us to purchase three unbelievable Big Sky properties. From our very first conversation, you have been, not only a Realtor to me and Chris, but a friend. Immediately, we knew that you were someone that we could trust. I know that we have probably driven you crazy over the past several months with all of our questions and persistent interest in the Big Sky market and expansion.

You are truly one of the most devoted and accessible Realtors that we have ever worked with. All hours of the day you have gone out of your way to make yourself available and present things to us before we could even ask the questions. Your extensive knowledge of the Big Sky market and future expansion plans have made us even more confident in your ability to secure us the best deal and make sure that we walked away with whatever property we wanted.

The referrals that you gave us for mortgage options were all excellent options. We were able to work with a couple of them to secure some unbelievable financing. Thank you for following up with our purchase process, even helping us several days after our closings.

Having worked with many Realtors, from Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and other realtors in the Big Sky area, Chris and I have determined that the two most important qualities in a Realtor are efficiency and honestly. We thank you for going over the top in both areas. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family (obviously, you are working with my parents already) and anyone else who wants a top of the line real estate experience in Big Sky.

Chris and I look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.
- Acra Samuels

Thank you so much for your efforts in the sale of our home at 632 Crail Creek Club. We were amazed that you were able to get a contract on our home near our asking price within five weeks after we listed the property with you. Your aggressive advertising certainly helped, and we greatly appreciate your ability to convince the Buyers and their agent that they should make an offer even though they were leaving Big Sky shortly after seeing our home for the first time.

You were also instrumental in convincing us to buy our home in Big Sky a few years ago, and you helped us find the ideal property to fit our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell a residence in the Big Sky area.
- Bruce and Barbara Kropschot

Sandy Revisky made buying our home in Big Sky a pleasure. Sandy, was always in tune with what we were looking for. She was constantly searching for the ideal house for us while we were in Florida. Sandy has a great ability to know and had a feel for properties that we would like to own. We found a wonderful home site with a house that was partially built, knowing that Sandy was there to be our eyes and ears. Numerous pictures were e-mailed to us constantly so we could enjoy seeing our home to completion. Sandy was so thoughtful to even store our excess baggage from our sold condo in Colorado!! Never once did we feel as if any phone calls to her were a bother. Sandy Revisky is someone you can depend on and know that she and BIg Sky Properties are your allies and friends. We love our home and still keep in touch with Sandy whenever we are in Big Sky. Sandy Revisky and Big Sky Properties were wonderful to work with. If we ever consider another move Sandy will be the person we call first.
- Madi and Elliot Wortzel

I highly recommend Sandy Revisky as a real estate agent for the Big Sky area. I have worked with Sandy on two different real estate deals and found her professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to doing the best she could for me. Anytime I am personally doing anything anything in real estate, she is the first and only person I call and the agent to whom I refer my friends.

I have also worked with Sandy on the Gallatin Canyon Volunteer Fire department and have had the opportunity to observe her commitment to her community. She is honest and truly a quality individual.
- Don Loyd

Our property purchase at Big Sky through Sandy Revisky at Big Sky Properties went seamlessly. Sandy was professional and straightforward at every step. Our email, phone and fax correspondences and questions were answered immediately and thoroughly. Sandy's keen knowledge of past and present listings and prices, as well as various important market conditions were extremely useful for our decision making.

I would, and will, recommend Sandy to anyone interested in buying or selling property at Big Sky.
- Paul Beck

I am delighted with the opportunity to offer a recommendation to others regarding the real estate services which you provided while we were in the process of buying our condo in Big Sky.

You answered my questions thoroughly, considered our needs regarding our purchases as real and honest, and helped us complete our purchase as promptly as was possible.

In additions, you listened attentively and helped us understand Boyne's requirements accurately.
- O"Neal Browder

We sincerely appreciate the service and support you provided during the purchase of the property at 1900 Little Coyote Road. I"m pleased to let you know that my sister Margaret and I are impressed by your efficiency and promptness at every step of the purchase process.

We were particularly grateful to you for your involvement in the 1031 exchange transfer, as it was important that we met very tight deadlines in this transaction. Please convey our thanks also to Wendy at Montana Title for her help in this matter.

All my family thinks it both fortunate and lucky to have had your guidance throughout this process. They will not hesitate to contact you for any help and we will certainly recommend you to others who are looking to purchase or sell real estate in Montana.
- Barbara E. Fischer

Many thanks again for helping us with our real estate endeavors over the years. You've aided us in creating a new home here in Big Sky. As our agent and friend we value your integrity, patience and great attitude.
- Martha and Tom

My husband & I moved to Big Sky in 2000 and rented for awhile until we felt like we were ready to find the right place to settle down. We had never owned our own home before and were unsure of whether to do our own research and try to manuver the buying process ourselves or hire a real estate agent. We were a bit intimidated with the idea of trying to handle all the legality issues ourselves since we had never gone through the process before.

We were referred to Sandy Revisky, Big Sky Properties, through a mutual friend and upon meeting with her we immedialtely felt at ease. Sandy showed us several properties that were in our price range and pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of one location vs. another. I was impressed with how honest and professional Sandy was and we knew that she truly had our best interests at heart. Sandy walked us through each step of the buying process and made sure that we were comfortable with our decisions. She made the entire process so easy for us that my husband and I commented how fortunate we felt to not feel like we were "stressed out" like many of our friends said they were when they had bought their first home.

We enjoyed our condo in the Meadow Village for about four years and then contacted Sandy again when we were ready to expand our living space after having our daughter. Sandy successfully sold our condo within the time frame we had hoped for and was also was our agent when we found a piece of land that we wanted to buy and build a house on.

I truly feel like Sandy made our dream of building our own home in Big Sky possible by matching her expertise of the real estate market with just what we were looking for.
- Guy and Alecia Fischer

Sent to Broker/Owner of Big Sky Properties in 2002:

Dear Mr. Hall,
Your sales associate, Sandy Revisky, is stellar. Some months ago I sent a general inquiry to your company about the Cedar Creek Condos. Sandy responded. We did not buy anything at Cedar Creek, but we did buy a home in Phase 2 of Southfork.

Sandy's service was spectacular! I can not think of anything - even with 20/20 hindsight - she should have done differently. Sandy is smart and energetic. She is absolutely dedicated to her client.

We snowshoed into property not accessible by road when Sandy was a day overdue with her son, Fletcher. When we returned to Big Sky, Fletcher was a few days old. He accompanied us from house to house. Absolutely nothing stops or slows this lady down!

Any client of your company, who has Sandy on their side, is indeed lucky and well served.
- Lester Loble

We purchased our first home through Sandy Revisky this winter. She was referred to us by a fellow co-worker whom had worked with Sandy on various investment properties. He highly recommended her to us for her knowledge with short sales and her eye for unique real estate properties. It was a long process, as the houses we had our hearts set on were all in the "short sale" status. From the very beginning she was on the ball. Her choice in properties was excellent and in our price range. When we finally were able to make an offer on the home we truly wanted, she was so efficient. She made the necessary steps to help us to be the first offer on the home we wanted. While short sales are known to not to be so "short" we were very pleased with Sandy's line of communication and the hours upon hours of hard work she put in to help us buy our first home. She is personable, very well educated in the real estate market, and she truly is a top notch agent
- Darren Pritchard and Erin Tomlinson

...We also want to thank you for all the wonderful service you gave us in buying the “Bear House.” We felt very confident that you were in our corner during the entire deal. It is wonderful to have a well-rounded Realtor. Whenever something needed attention, you knew the person to go to. That had saved us so much time and money. Buying a home long distance was very simple, thanks to you. As you know, you are our agent for life.
- Dennis Lockhart and Carol Snyder

Dear Sandy,

I wanted to thank you for your time and patience as our family selected a home in Big Sky. It was quite a long sales cycle, but it helped us get comfortable with the magnitude of investment and rich options that were available on the mountain. It was also good to get to know you personally (and indirectly your family) as we navigated through the process.

We especially appreciated your work during the due diligence phase and efforts to make the smooth transition to ownership as comfortable as possible.

As our comfort grows on the mountain, we will keep you in mind if/when the time comes to explore our next Big Sky real estate acquisition.
- Greg and Eileen Adams

I just wanted to write you and say

I just wanted to write you and say “THANK YOU” one more time. You really made our buying experience super easy and efficient. From going out of your way to show us our condo on the weekend, to keeping us informed about what the next steps were throughout the purchasing process. We really appreciate how you were able to answer all of our questions and how quickly you always got back to us. Buying a property, really via email and phone conversations, is not the easiest way but you made it just that!
- David and Christine Stergar

This purchase was perhaps the smoothest and most pleasant real estate experience we have had.

Kathy and I want to thank you for the very professional and personal way you represented us during the purchase of our unit in Big Sky. Over the years we have had the opportunity to purchase a number of homes and business locations and can say, without reservation, that this purchase was perhaps the smoothest and most pleasant real estate experience we have had.

We don’t know if you realize it or not, but from our first contact with you to the closing took less than 30 days. That is a record for us. In addition, when you told us that we did not need to be at the closing we weren’t sure how well that would work, having never done that before. However, your organizational and coordinating skills became very apparent and the closing, with all of the documentation required, went amazingly well.

Again, thank you and we will certainly recommend you to anyone we know that might be interested in purchasing property in Big Sky.

- George and Kathy Keiser

Mary and Kyle Eckmann

My husband and I recently purchased a home in Big Sky, MT through Sandy Revisky. The experience was wonderful -thanks to Sandy. Sandy was conscientious, knowledgeable and patient with all our questions and so easy to work with. If you are looking to purchase a home from someone who is genuinely concerned about getting you exactly what you are looking for-I would highly recommend Sandy Revisky.

Thanks for a job well done. We were very happy with your prompt and eager help throughout the transaction. Although we were frustrated with our Seller's delay at the end, you stepped up and made that portion of the transaction more palatable.
- Amy and Jeff Mader

To whom it may concern:

It has been a pleasure working with Sandy on the purchase of our house in Big Sky. Not knowing anyone in the area, I initially called another real estate agent. That was a mistake. Calling on the phone, not knowing me, being from the east and inquiring about higher priced homes made him not take me serious. He put very little effort into it. Big mistake. I then
looked at the different agents websites and choose to go with Sandy. That was the best move I made. Sandy worked hard and was sending me E-mails every day about different homes. After a month, she convinced my wife,
daughter and myself to come out to Big Sky. We looked at 16 different homes. She was diligent, professional and never once questioned our sincerity. We bought one of the homes. If it wasn't for Sandy, I doubt if
we would have. I highly recommend Sandy. You will not regret it.

- Tom, Deanie, Lindsay and Chelsea Conway

From the moment we met Sandy, we knew she was the perfect person to sell our Big Sky condo. Her professionalism was the first thing we noticed but it was her vast knowledge of the real estate market in Big Sky and her love and enthusiasm for what she does that convinced us to list our property with her. Only then did we realize what a truly amazing agent she is. Sandy’s use of all forms of media communications and a multitude of marketing skills was essential to getting the word out about our unit to both real estate agents and potential clients. Within 24 hours our property was on the web and on the market. Her communication with us was excellent and even though we lived outside of the area, we always felt completely in the loop about what was going on in Big Sky.
When we got the offer that sold our condo Sandy guided us through the process, e-mailed and faxed us documents, and handled the sale as if we were right there with her in her office, it couldn’t have been easier. We know that it takes a lot of work to sell real estate in a down market but with Sandy guiding us through the process, it couldn’t have been easier!

- Terry & Mary K. Housinger

Sandy is a gem!

Sandy is a gem. She went above and beyond in every way. Sandy's wealth of knowledge and excellent communication skills made the entire buying experience simple and easy for us. We highly, highly recommend her!

- Mark and Betsy Sullivan

Sandy Revisky does such a grand job, you feel as though she's working just for you, not for the Seller. Sandy is not only warm and friendly; she also intelligent, well-organized and fair.
- Gil Goldberg

Our experience with Sandy was ideal and we recommend her without reservation!

It is a pleasure to recommend Sandy’s services as an exceptional real estate professional. We first met Sandy when the idea of owning a Big Sky vacation home was just crystallizing. Sandy asked thoughtful and direct questions and used our answers to narrow our search and show us some properties. When we began looking at properties, we were impressed with the volume and quality of information Sandy provided us so that we could understand the real estate market and make an informed decisions.

Sandy showed us a vacation property that suited our needs and desires perfectly, but we were not willing to make an offer at that point, preferring to conclude other business before we purchased the property. Sandy showed patience with us, and she demonstrated a genuine desire to ensure our comfort and timing was more important than anything else.

When the time was right to purchase the property, Sandy showed remarkable talent and organization in providing information, contact numbers and scheduling appointments. Thanks to Sandy, the process for purchasing, closing and settling in to our new property was far easier than we could have imagined.

Our experience with Sandy was ideal, we expect to continue our relationship with her, will use her for any real estate needs in the future, and recommend her without reservation.
- Cameron MacKenzie and Deborah Kozisek

I would be pleased to offer my enthusiastic recommendation

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for all your help in reaching a successful sale of our condo. Your communication was excellent and timely and I know you worked very hard to actively market our property.

In light on the ongoing market conditions, I know your dedication and efforts were very important in creating the traffic and interest that led to a sale.

I would be pleased to offer my enthusiastic recommendation to any future clients you may have.
- Brad Rauh

Harold and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful job you did for us in selling our condo in Big Sky, Montana. We had our condo on the market for four months with another realtor in the area and it was only shown twice in that period of time. In the process of watching the local papers during that four month period, we determined that you were the realtor we wanted to use. It was very obvious that you had a very aggressive style which we thought was impressive.

Within a few weeks of placing our condo with you, it was under contract. We have been extremely impressed with your professionalism and expertise. We have already and will continue to recommend you to both buyers and sellers in the area.
- Harold and Mary Harring

You cannot go wrong by choosing Sandy as your realtor.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sandy Revisky if you need a realtor in the Big Sky area.    
Sandy assisted us with the purchase of a condominium in Big Sky this year and we cannot say enough about Sandy’s professionalism, knowledge, initiative, sincerity and follow through.  She showed us a number of properties during Christmas vacation and helped us to negotiate on one unit, but also advised us when she thought the sellers were being unreasonable.  The last day of our vacation, we found the unit that we wanted and then left for Texas.  The unit was still under construction and Sandy managed all of the purchase negotiations with the builder and gave us very good advice about what to ask for, when to hold firm and when to agree.  She monitored the construction of the unit, sent us regular picture updates of the progress, and facilitated communications with the builder.  After closing, she has monitored completion of a list of items for which we had held back money and has managed the release of the hold back funds.  In addition, Sandy recommended a banker and property management firm, both of which have turned out to excellent to work with.  From start to finish this was a 9  month project and Sandy remained engaged and extremely helpful through it all.
In addition to being a wonderful realtor, Sandy is always cheerful and simply a joy to work with.  You cannot go wrong by choosing Sandy as your realtor.

- Carie and Daene McKinney

Dear Sandy, When we come to Big Sky we'll certainly look you up for buying, selling or just plain visiting. Your name is synonymous with Big Sky! Thank you so much!
- Buz and Lynn Wisewan

Dear Sandy,

Janet and I want to thank you for accomplishing what we all thought was the impossible. Your very quick and responsive attitude to what we were trying to accomplish enabled us to sell our house at a price that enabled us to purchase another property, also at a price that made the entire deal possible.

As you know, not only did the sale and purchase prices have to be within an acceptable range, but the timing of the two transactions was critical to a successful execution.

Your diligence and expertise made all of this happen, and in a manner that was painless.

This is the fourth purchase or sale that we have made with you as our Realtor. We could not be more pleased.

Thank you again for all of your professionalism, expertise and friendship.
- Larry and Janet Acheatel

We highly recommend Sandy both as a realtor and genuinely good person.

When, after ten wonderful years in Big Sky, we decided to move to Bozeman, Sandy Revisky was our choice as a realtor, both to handle the sale of our home in Big Sky and the purchase of a new home in Bozeman. Both went smoothly because she smoothed out the bumps.

Over the course of our lives we have lived in nine different cities and worked with many different realtors. But Sandy’s honesty, expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile sets her apart from the norm. We highly recommend Sandy both as a realtor and genuinely good person.
- Doug and Henrietta Gale


After having dealt with a number of Realtors in Utah and Montana over the last year, I wanted to take the time to thank you for standing out far above the crowd. Even though you were on the opposite side of a transaction the first time we met you, our interactions during that encounter convinced us that you would work hard to make sure we got what we wanted.

I am happy to say that you lived up to all those expectations. Based on your portfolio, I can only imagine we were one of your "smaller" clients. But even though we weren't looking for a multi-million dollar retirement home, we always felt that we were a priority. You answered our e-mails late at night and on the weekends, and even when you had other commitments, you made sure that we got the information we needed. Every time something came up, you would have answers before we even knew what questions to ask, and when we did have questions, you were always quick with a response.

Thank you for working hard to get us into our new home. I know it was a bit more challenging working with us remotely from our home in Utah, but you made the whole experience as quick and easy as possible. Thanks again.
- Matt and Ashley Dodd

Buying this condo is the best thing we have ever done...

Dear Sandy,

I am sitting here at Beaverhead, looking out at our glorious view and so at home. Buying this condo is the best thing we have ever done and I just can’t think you enough! If someone told me a year ago that we would buy a mountain house from long distance, only having skied the mountain and seeing the town once I would never have believed it. I honestly don’t think we could have done it without you. That is why this long over due thank you just had to be sent. You really took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for and you really did a perfect job. We love every inch of this place! For our lifestyle - it is perfect. Ski in/out, bike in/out, hike - everything right here. AMAZING!

Mark and I have dreamed of buying a home in the mountains for years now but I didn’t really think it would happen. I cannot believe all the hoops you jumped through for us so that we could make the decision to purchase a home in Big Sky from Pennsylvania and I am so grateful! You answered all of our questions and provided all of the info we needed in order to take this leap of faith. We loved it in the winter, but now I think I love summer just as much. It is just so beautiful.

Thank you for all of the extra hours the you put in to make it possible for us to buy long distance. You were so easy to work with and so accommodating. Thank you also for connecting us with Dave and Kathy who are also really great to work with and have wonderful ideas. The changes we are making our home to make it more ours are also going smoothly long distance. We really love everyone we have met from Big Sky. We could not be happier!

Thank you for all of your support, and hard work. Hopefully we can catch up while we are here!

Very best,
- Kate and Mark McCallister

Sandy made sure everything went smoothly and we closed as expected

Sandy recently assisted us with listing and selling our 20 acre lot in Big Sky. From beginning to end she provided top notch guidance and thoughtful advice. She was extremely prompt and thorough in her responses to our queries and provided us with unsolicited periodic updates. We always felt certain that she was looking out for our best interests and ensuring the best sale for our property. As a final note, our particular sale started just before and Christmas and concluded days after New Years while we were on a vacation and despite our tight schedule, Sandy made sure everything went smoothly and we closed as expected. Thank you so much Sandy, it was a pleasure working with you and we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate in Big Sky!
- Leslie and Sarah Davidson

As I have said to you before, you are the best real estate agent I have ever worked with! You are patient with our questions and willing to crunch the numbers with us over and over again - which was what helped us reach our decision in this case.
- Toni and Leif Tease

I would like to thank you for your professional expertise and diligence on the sale of my two lots in Big Sky.  In the current real estate market, your ability to secure buyers was phenomenal and speaks well for your skills as an agent.  Your attention to details with the closing and your promptness in answering my questions along the way are much appreciated.
Thanks again for your efforts,  I am very pleased with the experience and will highly recommend you to friends interested in Big Sky property.

- Paul Howard

Why I chose Sandy Revisky as my real estate Broker:

-She's efficient
-She is dedicated and hard working
-She has her clients best interests in mind
-she is honest
-she is very realistic and informed about current market conditions and trends, and communicates them very well
-She's a nice person
-She exceeded my expectations
I recommend her highly without reservations!
- Dr. Eric Garcia

Dear Sandy,
It was a pleasure working through you for the sale of our rental property.We would not have used anyone else because you faithfully stuck with us for 5 or 6 years while we dilly dallied around trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Not only did you stick with us, you patiently kept us informed about rising and falling prices and building trends through the years. When it was time to sell, you made suggestions and diligently kept us informed. It was extremely helpful to get your opinions as well as the photos of every room, as we had not been in the chalet for 2 years. Also, doing business from 1100 miles away is a challenge, but you worked through it smoothly. If we had it to do over again, we'd do it again with you!
- Karen and Barry Robertson

For several years my wife and I considered buying a vacation property in the mountains but we were hesitant because the process and investment seemed like a daunting endeavor. Through the recommendation of close friends Sandy Revisky was recommended as a trusted agent in Big Sky. Sandy's expertise and knowledge helped guide us through the process of sorting through properties and find the right property that fit our goals. She not only matched us with a property but helped us through the process of finding a local mortgage broker, coordinated with Big Sky Resort, and recommended interior designers. All of her recommendations and contacts turned out to be very professional and extremely competent in their jobs. From beginning through the end Sandy was indeed a trusted agent and has become a friend of ours. We will gladly do business with her again.
- Tom and Lisa Dolan